BIT Framework

A transformational model that enables change and innovation in a most effective way.



Infiniqo’s unique framework brings a confluence of Business analysis, Information analytics and Technology (BIT) combined with the science of amplifying collaborative knowledge, to design high impact solutions that deliver higher business performance.


The BIT framework encapsulates a design paradigm consisting of user focus and emphasis on clear outcomes that lead to business performance.

It allows a clearer picture of future scenarios as to what is technologically and economically feasible, while incorporating human-centric elements.

This connected thinking can transform the way organizations develop strategy, design concepts and build solutions.

The BIT methodology is driven by the philosophy of co-create and iterate, utilizing a toolkit containing the following elements:

  • focus on the user with empathy, human behavior and trusted value
  • awareness of current and future technologies
  • spirit of collaboration
  • mindset of challenging the status quo
  • fun with “learning by gaming”
  • reach for the desired results and business performance

We inspire better possibilities in connecting the present with the envisioned future.

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