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Player Selection

We support moderated discussions lead by experts. Want to go it alone? No issue here! Enjoy this experience alone on single player mode anywhere and on any device.

Animated Injection Trailers

You got surprise injections? We got mini 2D and 3D animated movies to breathe life into them with all of the theatrics you would expect in such a situation.

Situation Room in Session!

The Breach is in full effect! The Incidence Response Team is assembled. Get immersed in the dramatization of actual Situations, real Responses, real Solutions and real Experts. How will your team Respond?

3D Models & Voice Talent

You provide the screen play and we provide the 3D modeled actors, professional voice talents, directing and editing.

Moderated Discussions

Work with your counsel and forensics professionals to understand your options. Combine your wisdom and experience to address your current situation. What are the pros and cons of your next decision during this time of crisis?

Audience Participation

Download the APA (axon Participation App) and get in on the decision-making action once the polls are sent in real time.

The Axon “Training by Gaming” platform occupies all of our senses to create a fascinating and stimulus filled learning experience using advanced gamification, computer science, data science and virtual reality (VR).

Training by Gaming for Insuretec offers a staggering amount of use cases. New underwriters, risk managers, claims, IT professionals, analysts and insureds can be guided into the world of insurance from the corporate, operations, IT and product level.

Insurance concepts can be introduced via virtual reality, augmented reality or even PS4 or XBOX style experiences. One area we are seeing great use cases is in risk management crisis response exercises and or simulations.

Learn more about how our gaming platform supports the insurance value chain, underwriting product development & training, product roll-out and policyholder adoption. Experience Realism by virtualizing your ability to clearly identify and prepare for various commercial and personal lines situations with Axon!

Training by Gaming Simulations